Casino Payment Method Guide

Part 1 – Payment Method Types

When playing casino games for real money, you will need services to not only deposit cash to have credits on your balance and make bets, but to withdraw cash prizes in case of luck. As a result, gambling websites offer two major payment gateway options. They include

  • Depositing Methods –the services make it easy to deposit the sum you need with a couple of clicks.
  • Withdrawing Methods – payment options to withdraw cash form your balance to a preferable account or online wallet. 

Some payment methods are designed to handle a single process whether it is depositing or withdrawing. Others combine two functions at once and com as a bit more flexible solutions. However, each and every payment gateway comes as a separate service and charges fees for using it. Those fees range a lot. So, the idea is to choose the one that meets all your requirements in terms of commission and functionality. Let’s review some of the most popular payment services used by online gamblers. 

Part 2 – Introduction to Credit/Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are the most flexible solution to both withdraw and deposit cash with several clicks. First of all, they let you play without limitations in any online casino across the globe. All websites support Visa, Master Card, and some other world-recognized card issuers. They are accepted in more than 200 countries over the world and is on that list as well. The key benefit here is that users may proceed with instant depositing at minimum commission rates. The key downside here is that credit cards do not offer instant withdrawing. It may take up to 5 business days to get your prize transferred. 


This is why most gamblers opt for faster alternatives. In the face of the following payment methods. 

Part 3 – Introduction to Skrill

Skrill is an online payment veteran. The iconic e-wallet made its debut back in 2001 and is still popular with online gamblers now. The service was designed to handle various financial operations, complete transactions, and make handle online casino withdrawing and depositing. 


The key Skrill features include:


  • Ease of Use – it will take you a couple of minutes to sign in and open a new account. The system comes with an intuitive interface where you keep control over financial operations.
  • Safety – Skrill uses advanced encryption technologies and verification algorithms to protect your personal data form fraud.
  • Fees – the system charges fees for both depositing and withdrawing. If you want to make a $100-depositn, you will pay 1% from that sum + the fee charged by the online casino. If you want to withdraw cash, you will need to pay a fixed fee in AUD that is equaling 5.50 EUR.


The payment service is good although some issues may occur when it comes to support team. However, the system offers its prepaid cards, which is also a big plus in favor of this gateway. 

Part 4 – Introduction to PayPal

PayPal I yet the biggest name in the online wagering industry. Introduced back in 1998, it is still the dominating force among all of the available payment services and e-wallets. All you need is to open a new account in minutes, provide personal data required, verify the info, and make the most of its features. When it comes to casinos, the system lets you both make deposits and withdraw cash. 


The key problem here is that some casinos establish minimum and maximum limits to process with PayPal. That might be a problem in case you have hit the jackpot and want to withdraw all the cash immediately. Huge fees come as another crucial downside. The system may charge up to 3.4% + $0.30 depending on the casino and operation. At the same time, it reserves the right to change fees or block your funds in case they look suspicious. 

Part 5 – Introduction to Neteller

Neteller is another popular e-wallet that lets you handle different transactions including money transfer, withdrawing, depositing, online purchasing, etc. The service has been on the market for a while. However, it is followed by a growing amount of negative reviews in terms of irresponsible support, withdrawing delays, etc. 


The registration process is more complicated, as you will need to provide additional copies of your ID, photos, and more. You will hardly appreciate all that fuzz in addition to commissions they charge considering there some better and more flexible alternatives. 

Part 6 – Introduction to Bank Transfer

This particular gaming method as ben sued to form the times of first live casinos. Some people still use it now. It is always good to get your cash directly to your banking account. The only drawback here is that this method can be used only for withdrawing, as it is impossible to deposit cash. 


The second downside results in the time necessary to get cash. Both casinos and banks need some time to process the transaction. It may take up to 14 business days depending on the wagering policies. If that’s okay with you, bank transfers might be a good and safe option as well.