Smoke-Free Casinos Aboard Carnival Cruise Lines Expands

There are even additional smoke-free gaming alternatives available on board Carnival Cruise Line's fleet.

This Monday, a social media representative for Florida-based Carnival Corporation's cruise line, Carnival Cruise Line, verified that the company now provides 10 ships with non-smoking gaming areas.

This week, John Heald, the official brand ambassador for Carnival Cruise Line, announced that the nonsmoking casinos on board the company's newest ships, Carnival Jubilee, Carnival Celebration, and Mardi Gras, are all available. The three join the six other Carnival ships that have smoke-free casinos apart from the main casino area of the ship, where smoking is still allowed. Carnival Breeze, Carnival Dream, Carnival Magic, Carnival Firenze, Carnival Venezia, and Carnival Vista are those ships. 

Major cruise lines' smoke-free casinos are still popular with passengers.

In addition to Carnival declaring ten smoke-free casinos, Royal Caribbean converted a number of jazz clubs into gaming areas with smoking permits last year. All six of Royal Caribbean's Oasis-class ships now have smoke-free casinos inside of its "Jazz on 4" lounges, making it the second-largest cruise operator in the world after Carnival Corp.

Cruise Ship Smoking Policies

Heald informed guests that smoking is not allowed anywhere on board save in specified areas when it announced the launch of its smoke-free casinos. It is strictly prohibited to smoke in any stateroom, including those with balconies. 

Large cruise lines have special outside spaces where customers can safely and responsibly light up. One of the biggest risks to a cruise ship's safety, according to cruise officials, is fire.

"If you get caught, and we do catch many who break this law, there will be an instant $500 fine,” Heald said on social media in response to a question about smoking. “If after that your smoking continues, then we may disembark you and you may not be allowed to sail again [with Carnival].”

Guests on Carnival and other major cruise ships can report smoking offenses to an anonymous tip line. Vapes that include tobacco are also subject to the legislation. Recall that it is federally prohibited to bring cannabis on board a commercial cruise ship.

It is challenging to locate statistics on onboard fires because the US permits cruise lines, such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean, to register their ships in the Caribbean and elsewhere. According to Andrew Winston of Winston Law, a South Florida firm that focuses in cruise ship mishaps, the foreign registration implies that the cruise lines are exempt from reporting requirements under the law.

“Based on the number of cruise ships and passengers who choose to travel on these vessels every year, fire-related accidents affect a proportionally small number of crew members and passengers,” Winston explained. “Most incidences are relatively minor and may cause nothing more than an early return to port.”


Casino Smoking Exclusive to Bettors

According to information on its website, smoking is permitted only indoors in the main casinos of Carnival ships. But the only people allowed to light up a cigarette are those who are seated at a table game or slot machine and actively gaming.

It is not permitted to smoke when standing or at the casino's bar. Since tobacco products and cigars are only permitted in the authorized outside locations, they are also prohibited. 

Smoking is not allowed in the enclosed areas when the casinos are not operating while moored or when they are not yet in international waters. Heald went on to say that numerous casinos serve as muster sites for entrants.